The Bible in English: Summary of Matches (Version)

From the Summary of Matches page, you can use the Page Toolbar to open a context-sensitive Help page and to refine your original search.

From every page in The Bible in English you can use the Right-Hand Toolbar to consult general information about The Bible in English, to start a new search, and to access the top-level Table of Contents page.

The Summary of Matches (Version) page indicates the number of hits (i.e. the number of times the search term or expression occurs in the database) and the number of entries (i.e. the number of versions containing the search term or expression) retrieved by a search.

The Summary of Matches (Version) page also lists the versions retrieved by a search and gives brief details of each as follows:

Each version in the list is hyperlinked to the Summary of Matches (Book) page.

The icon Table of Contents icon appears after each Summary of Matches entry; this takes you directly to the Table of Contents page for the version, which is expanded to the level of the selected entry in the Summary of Matches.

The contents of The Bible in English database may differ from its CD-ROM counterpart because The Bible in English is a dynamic resource subject to continual update, and because some texts are precluded from publication on the Web as a result of copyright restrictions. Search results are therefore not always identical in the two implementations.

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(BIE version 97:1)